We want to answer your questions! Below we have identified some of the more Frequently Asked Questions and provided answers to those same questions. If you have questions that haven't been addressed below, please send us an E-mail and we will get back to you.

Q: "Can I renew my own lease once you have found a space for me?"

A: Yes, we do not make you commit to using our services in the future. But think about it, you are a specialist in what you do for a living maybe even the best in your field, wouldn't you want a professional who was in tune with the current market and in all likelihood would save you money.

Q: "What are the costs associated with using a commercial Realtor such as yourself?"

A: In few occasions are you obligated to pay the commission. The vast majority of Landlords/Vendors are more than willing to pay a market rate commission in exchange for the income stream or to sell their building. Let us negotiate for you!

Q: "Am I limiting myself in the marketplace if I choose one Realtor to represent me?"

A: Not at all. In fact we feel it is the optimal way for you to achieve the best deal that can be obtained. Calling several agents often makes Landlords think that several tenants of your approximate size are looking for space. It also will gobble up much more of your time and does not guarantee that you will have an agent working on your behalf.


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